Defensive Firearms Training: Who Needs it?

“I’ve been shooting all my life so why should I take a defensive firearms training class?”…

  • “My dad taught me to shoot” or …
  • “My husband taught me to shoot” or…
  • “I shot cans with my dad when I was young,” or…
  • “My friend took me to the range and showed me some things about shooting.”

As instructors, we hear these comments regularly when the subject of defensive firearms training, or any formal firearms training, comes up.

In life, there are three categories of knowledge:

  1. There are the things we know.
  2. There are the things we know we don’t know.
  3. There are the things we don’t know that we don’t know.

The largest category of knowledge is made up of the last classification and sadly, it often applies to the use of firearms. Unfortunately, many individuals who have handled and shot firearms all their life, and many who carry a firearm for self-defense, are lacking in the training necessary to use the firearm properly, safely, and effectively. For example, they may not know how to return their firearm to an operational status should it stop functioning at a critical time.

At Delta Red we offer training that will enable you to easily, quickly, and effectively check the loaded status of a firearm. We will also teach you how to clear the three most common types of malfunctions. You will become adept at methods of rapidly reloading a gun. You will learn how to recognize available cover and how to take advantage of the cover. You will become comfortable moving with a gun and using tactical lights in low light conditions. These skills will enhance your ability to use a firearm for self-defense and enjoyment. All of the training at Delta Red is conducted while observing the four universally accepted firearms safety rules.

The title of this article is “Defensive Firearms Training: Who Needs It?” The answer is that anyone who owns a firearm. Every firearms owner should acquire these skills through proper and professional training. Delta Red Training Group, LLC provides this type of training.

It should be noted these skills are perishable without practice. Even if you have had prior professional training, our courses will be a great review and will enhance your firearms skills. We welcome your inquiries about our courses and training.