What We Do and Why

The Delta Red Training Group, LLC. name is derived from some very important points in the defensive firearms training curriculum.

  • The “Delta”, the triangle portion, is taken from the Combat Triad.  The three components of this triad are gun handling, marksmanship, and mindset.  These components are the basics of defensive firearms training, carry equal weight, and are represented by an equilateral triangle.
  • The “Red” portion is taken from the red stage of the color code of awareness which is made up of the colors white, yellow, orange, and red.  Each of the colors represent an increasing state of mental awareness, with red being the most acute.

The firearms industry is experiencing record sales.  Because of this growth in sales over recent years, we recognize a need to provide a level of training for law abiding citizens that has not been experienced by most gun owners.

The training received by most gun owners has traditionally been passed along by a trusted advisor who may have had no formal training.  Also, most ranges have requirements that restrict the opportunity for the individual to train in a realistic manner for defensive use of their firearms.

The goal of Delta Red Training Group, LLC. is to enhance and expand upon a student’s training by offering an environment for realistic defensive firearm use and guide the students to a high level of proficiency with their firearms.