Long-Range Precision Rifle

The Delta Red Long-Range Precision Rifle Class is designed for beginning long-range rifle shooters as well as those who have had some experience in long-range shooting and want to enhance their skills. This is a two-day class, with classroom and range work each day.

Instruction will begin in the classroom with discussions about long-range cartridges, rifles, and optics choices. You will learn the fundamentals of long-range shooting, including shooting positions, breath control, natural point of aim, bullet trajectory, and reading the wind.

On the range the first day, you will establish a sight-in reference point and develop rifle and optics data out to five hundred yards.

Day two will include in-depth optics topics, including internal performance, focal plane, reticle types, adjustment methods, and quality considerations. You will also learn range calculation using the mil-dot method.

Your training will culminate on our long range with shooting and developing data for your rifle out to at least one thousand yards. You will be coached by experienced rifle instructors who will assist in the data development.

Classes will begin at 8:30 a.m. each day

Cost $250 includes lunch and refreshments

Download an application for enrollment by clicking the link below, and then save the form to your computer.

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Certain restrictions may apply. Please check each course description to make sure you are eligible to take the course you want. Delta Red Training Group, LLC cannot be held liable if you do not meet eligibility requirements.

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